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TrustPay – Merchant Services Simplified

We seamlessly connect merchants trading in new and emerging markets (Globally too), to a broad range of consumers through a host of different payment methods including mobile wallets and airtime. We are a trusted source that helps merchants trade more effectively and more profitably by helping them determine the correct pricing for their chosen market.

TrustPay is neither a Switch nor a Payment Gateway. It has defined its own space in what is recognised as the fastest growing economy – the developing world. Through sourcing new payment methods that can be easily accessed and understood by these consumers, TrustPay brings new transactions, trade and profit opportunities to merchants.

TrustPay integrates all traditional and non-traditional payment methods into its system, facilitating the connection between merchants around the world and the consumer, in the payment method the consumer can most easily use. This is done either directly, or via PSPs and is offered to member merchants in a simple, single API.